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We build solutions on top of the logistics ecosystem, creating better experiences for all industry players. Our purpose is to demonstrate that logistics in Peru can be professional and realiable.

SAVAR Logistics Corporation, is a Peruvian leading company with 43 years in the market. We offer a wide distribution network with capacity and infrastructure to support the operation of hundreds of companies.

Since 2019, we are the specialized unit for e-commerce in SAVAR logistics corporartion. We differentiate by developing technologies that allow the automation of processes, achieving shorter delivery times.

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We are a logistics company with infrastructure and technology to develop top tier solutions for e-commerce.

Av. Javier Prado Este 3080, San Borja.

Av. Defensores del Morro 1277, Chorrillos.

Av. Boca Negra 274, Callao.